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How to use PASS

When you have a session with me your images are always delivered to you digitally via  I do this for a couple reasons.

  1. It allows me to deliver images to you faster than any other way
  2. PASS saves your images in the cloud FOR FREE for 10 YEARS AND you can download them as MANY times as you want!  You no longer need to worry about losing a CD or a flash drive with your images on them. 
  3. You can give the link to your family members and they can download them as well.  (As someone whose in-laws live mostly out of state I LOVE this feature and so will you!)
  4. You can also download images directly to your phone.  I use this feature to text images to family who may not be on Facebook and of course to set my phone wallpaper to my favorite photos!
  5. Prints can be ordered in the comfort of your home (although you will not be able to take advantage of my print packages using this feature.  It is still great for ordering only a couple prints!).  And those relatives that live out of state?  They can also order prints for themselves and get them shipped directly to them! 

Most people can figure out how to use PASS because it is very user friendly, but I know some people struggle with it and so I wanted to make this tutorial for how to use PASS.  Or maybe you know how to use it but you may not know about some of the cool features I am about to tell you about, including: 

  • downloading your photos 
  • favoriting your photos
  • sharing to Facebook 
  • ordering prints 


Part 1:  Downloading your photos

When your gallery is all finished being edited by me I will upload the files to PASS and their system will send you an e-mail with the link to the gallery. To access yours gallery, simply click the link.

pass email

Next it will ask you to create an account. You can create an account using your e-mail or Facebook account.

pass 1

After you have created your account of logged in with Facebook, you will be taken to the gallery.  It will look something like this.  pass 3

There are different icons for different actions on the top right hand corner of the gallery.

  • The cart icon-for viewing the prints you have in your cart for purchase
  • the download icon– used to download the entire gallery at once
  • the heart icon– used to see all of your favorited photos at once
  • the Facebook icon– used to share the entire gallery at once to your Facebook
  • The camera icon– gives you the option to visit my Facebook page or my website

There is also the Menu on the far left side.  When you click on it you will have the following options.

  • Download photos
  • My Favorites
  • My Cart
  • Sign Guestbook
  • Collections (not utilized by me but many wedding photographers use this function)

pass 4

When downloading you have a couple of options.

  1. Download only 1 photo at a time
  2. Download the entire gallery at once

To download 1 at a time, just click the image you wish to download.  It will expand the image and give you a bunch of options.  Click the download button to download.

pass 6

To download them all at once there are 2 ways to do so.  From the main screen you can click the download button and download the entire gallery.  OR when you click to download a single image, it will also give you the option to download the entire gallery at once.     download



Part 2: Favoriting your photos and sharing to Facebook

Do you only want to share a couple of the images in your gallery?  Or maybe you only want to order prints of a select few.  Well this feature is for you! When you favorite your photo it allows you to save those selections for a couple things and saves you time in the long run.

  • sharing on Facebook
  • ordering prints faster

pass 9

Once you have gone through and chosen your favorite photos you can click either the heart icon at the top of the main page, of click the menu and choose the “My Favorites” option.  It will bring you to a page with a share option and you can also copy and paste the link to email to family with just your favorite photos. (You can also see which you have favorited in your gallery because it will have a cute little flag with a heart in the left hand corner of the photo.)

pass 11pass 10

Part 3: Ordering Prints

PASS makes ordering photos a breeze!  You can put a photo into your cart in so many different ways!

  • When viewing a single image click “Add to Cart”  in the menu that pops up, and chose your print size.
  • When viewing the gallery or your favorites there will be a cart icon on the bottom right hand corner of the image as you hover over it.  Click on that and choose the size you would like to order.

pass 7

When you have completed your order just click the shopping cart at the top of the main page and check out from there!  Prints will be shipped directly to your door!

If there is a size or a product not listed that you would like to order, you will have to go directly through me in order to purchase that product.  Just email me at

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you!  If you have any other questions please feel free to ask away!


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