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Tea Party Mini Sessions!

Tea Party Mini Sessions | Brunswick Photographer | Toddler Photography 

April 20, 2016 

So I have the cutest daughter in the world.  She is a little over 2 years old and she is full of personality. She is the reason why I became a photographer in the first place and I have more pictures of her than I can count.  Because of this I am always coming up with adorable ways to take her picture.  When I was planning her second birthday party in January, my sister had this wonderful idea to have a tea party theme.  And what is a tea party theme without a custom tea party invitation (with pictures taken by mommy)?  Thus the idea was born!  I scoured craigslist to find the perfect table to match her ceramic tea set that my aunt had gotten her for her first birthday.

We took some amazing photos of her this past fall and again last weekend (see the pictures below) and I just KNEW that other moms would want to do a session like this for their little girls (or boys!).  These special Tea Party Mini Sessions will take place on May 21 at Brunswick Lake Park.  Sessions will be 20 minutes, include 7 digital images in an online gallery with a print release.  I will also provide hats and an array of pretty dresses for your princess, sized from 12 months to 4t.  Please feel free to provide your own dress as well (I got the coral floral one my daughter is wearing in some of the photos at Costco for under $20!) Little boys are also welcome at these sessions!  I have an array of bow ties and regular ties for little gentlemen.  Sessions are ideal for 1 or 2 young children.

Spots are limited so don’t wait to reserve your spot today!  To book your session go to

tea party mini

Here are a few of my favorites from the first set of photos I did with my daughter in the fall!  I love how the leaves are covering the ground!

Here are some of my favorites from the session I just did with my daughter.  Hopefully in May we will have more foliage for our sessions!

I look forward to taking photos of your adorable kiddos soon!

-Erin | Brunswick Photographer | Cleveland Photographer | Toddler Photography


6 thoughts on “Tea Party Mini Sessions!”

  1. I am interested but have a few quick questions
    Could you call me at 330-416-6735?
    Thank you so much
    Leslie caldwell


  2. Hi Erin
    My email is tied through work and the main server has been down this afternoon.
    I will keep trying to email. You can always call me and I can get your address that way if you want to


  3. Hi Erin are we still on for today or are you rescheduling ? It’s been raining here in medina


  4. Hi Erin
    I’m just wondering if we are still on for today ? It’s raining in medina. Just let. Me know please


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