Celebrating Baby #2

When my daughter turned 1 I knew I wanted another baby.  The plan was always to start trying when she was 6 months old and hopefully our children would only be 18 months apart.  As Mikaela grew I started to realize that I wanted a little more space in between kids.  So we started trying a year later than planned when she was 18 months old (LAST July 2015).

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I have PCOS (or poly-cystic ovary syndrome….more on this in coming blog posts), and so it is harder for me to get pregnant than for most people.  Month after month of trying and nothing was happening.  But through the hard work and dedication of myself and my husband we were able to overcome my diagnosis and become healthier overall.  So after about 9 months of trying I am so excited to announce that there will be another baby joining our family in the new year!  Baby Throener #2 is due January 2017!  

We are so overjoyed with our new addition and Mikaela cannot be happier to be big sister! She will be just shy of turning 3 when her new baby brother or sister is born!  My husband even thought I knew a couple days beforehand because Mikaela was walking around our house (the day before I found out) saying “baby in belly” over and over. There is definitely something to be said for a child’s intuition.  She also keeps saying she is going to have a baby brother so we will see if she is right on that account as well in a couple months!

Of course the first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant (after I stopped staring at the positive test that I had been wanting for so long) was to buy Mikaela a special shirt on etsy!  When it came in the mail we went to the park for a special photo shoot!  Please see the photos below.  (Which I think are the cutest things ever but I may be a bit biased)

Also a big THANK YOU to my good friend Danielle of Danielle Fantis Photography for taking our family photo announcement (which many of you may have already seen yesterday on my personal facebook page).  Photo by Danielle and the sign was graphically designed by me and printed at costco.

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