Welcome to the world Thea!

“The force is strong with this one”

I met Thea last Friday and let me tell you, the above quote could not be any more true.  She gave me a run for my money!  She did not like to be swaddled or put down and it took us an hour just to get one picture!  It took another half hour for me to get her to sleep but one she was asleep she was a dream!

Her parents are huge star wars fans and brought some of the cute props you see in the pictures below.  Newborns are one of my favorite ages to photograph because their little features change so quickly!  Little toes are precious and the love I see between newly made families makes the hard work worth it ❤ Thea I know your parents are just so in love with you, you are one lucky little girl ❤

Thea is my first milestone client and I can’t wait to see her grow throughout her first year!  The next time you see her will be when she is 6 months old!


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