New Studio Set up!

I have some exciting news that has been a while in the making!  Ever since I found out I was pregnant last year I lost my indoor studio space because it became Mikaela’s big girl room.  So we began the process of moving all of my photography stuff into our garage.  When I first started taking sessions I set up in my living room and I knew I didn’t want to do that, especially with 2 kids.  Last winter it was in rough shape but since I am off school for the summer I took the first 2 weeks and slowly got everything set up!  I purged everything non-photography related and banished it to our basement.  So now I have an area just for photos!  I have enough room for 2 backdrops in your session and am working on getting a set up so that I can take larger groups of people (think families!).  Below are some photos of the new space!  If you had a Christmas session with me this is a total 180 and you will be amazed the next time you see it!


Did you know that I have dresses for your little one? I even have a few outfits for little men too!


My wonderful husband built this as a stand for all of my backdrops!  There’s already only 2 spaces left!


Banner courtesy of Empty Nest Home Goods!  Find her on facebook!studio-5

I love this custom banner I designed myself! studio-6

awesome tote I won that I will be traveling around with ❤ studio-7studio-8

and finally a little set up for parents to hang out while their littles are photographed!

I hope you like my new set up and stay tuned tomorrow for an announcement on a special project I’ve been working on!!!


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