Babies and Toddlers

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Babies are so much fun!  I love to see how they grow and milestone sessions are great for that!  I have a 1 year old and it is so crazy to see how she changed just from her newborn to her 3 month old photos to her 6 and 9 and just recently 12 month photos! If you are like me then you want to take a picture of them ALL THE TIME at this age so that in 10 years you can look back and remember the little baby you once had ❤

Toddlers are just so toddlers. Thats the only way to describe them.  They have a ton of energy and they have the attitude of a teenager!  I will take the time needed for them to get comfortable with me.  That could be by just talking to them and tossing a toy back and forth.  I always want you to be happy with your photos and if your kiddo is having a bad day I will do my best to get smiles from them!  Ive had loyal clients who always tell me they are amazed at the wonderful shots I get when their kiddo was less than cooperative!

For babies and toddlers props also help a lot.  I have TONS of headbands and adorable outfits for your use.  I am a girl mom so I have an over abundance of girl stuff but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything for your little man too!